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Covid statment July 2021

I am currently seeing clients face to face, both outside and in The House of St. Barnabas, a charitable members club which is working with people to prevent homelessness. It is important to me that you feel safe when we meet/ speak online or in person, both emotionally and physically. I would like to share with you what I do to prevent transmission of Covid 19 from me to my clients. This might for some feel like information overload, however we all are dealing with the pandemic differently and I think for some it will be important to know what to expect from me and have the possibility to make an informed decision if you want to meet online or in person.



I have received the two first Covid vaccines (second dose first week of June 2021) and I will follow up with any boosters when they are offered by the government. In addition, I do take the flu vaccination every year.



I do test for Covid 1-2 times a week with a lateral flow test as long as this is offered and advised by the government. I will do a Covid test either the day before or on the day that we meet in person. Should the result from this be positive for Covid I will inform you as soon as possible. I would then not be able to meet you in person and you will be asked if you want to reschedule the face-to-face appointment or if you prefer to keep the appointment time and meet online instead.



Should I be advised by the government to self-isolate based on any travels or contacts I might have had. I will inform you as soon as possible and you will be asked if you want to reschedule the face-to-face appointment or if you prefer to keep the appointment time and meet online instead.


When meeting in outside:

I will bring hand sanitizer and single use masks if you prefer us to use these. I will sanitize my hands when we meet, but I prefer not using a mask while we are walking and talking. Should you want me to use a mask when we sit down let me know.


When meeting in The House of St. Barnabas:

The house of St. Barnabas is diligent in following government guidelines we will have to follow their guidelines when meeting in their premises. Click her to go to their Covid guidelines.



It would be helpful if you bring your own stationery / devices to make any notes  you might need. However for devices and pens which can be wiped down with alcohol spray or wipes I will do this before we meet.   I sometimes use props like cards or objects which have been handled by me or other clients. Any such props which are not suited to be cleaned with alcohol will be put in “quarantine” for at least 48 hours between each client and I will ask clients to sanitize their hands before using any props. You will also have the possibility to sanitize your hands before and / or after using the props.


Other issues:

Should you feel the need to put in place any further safety measures, if you have any questions, but you still would prefer to meet in person contact me with your ideas, questions or concerns and we can try to find a way that we both feel comfortable.

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