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Balance your digital life

Take control of your media habits and increase your wellbeing

We have all experienced both the negatives & positives of the Internet and digital world. Many of my clients say they turn off their Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, or block certain people when they are feeling vulnerable. I myself have to limit the amount of news I see at times. When I start a new project I have to limit the amount I read. Otherwise, I get dragged into a rabbit-hole, where one article leads to another & then I don´t get anything done.


You might have seen the Netflix film The Social Dilemma” or read Cal Newport´s Digital Minimalism. Both shed light on the negative aspects of online life, especially social media. Still, we do have to live & work online and in the digital world, especially now during the pandemic. How can we do that in a way that isn´t making us feel worse about ourselves & the world around us, while taking advantage of the entertainment, education and exploration we can do online? This course helps you do just that.


This programme is for you if you feel you are:

- spending or losing too much time online

- missing deeper connection with others

- finding it difficult to switch off from news, Netflix, etc.

- finding it difficult to concentrate and that you are feeling down due to the use of online media


What does the programme give you?

- an understanding of why and how online businesses grab and keep your attention -

- tips and tricks to avoid this

- a possibility for you to explore your own internet use, and to find a way to be online in a way that      benefit you and do not harm you

If you follow the whole course you will have:

- more time for yourself, others, hobbies, etc.

- practical tools for dealing better with online life

- a reduction of anxiety &stress

- better connection with people

- help to break habits that are hurtful to yourself and others

- alternative ways to work and live in the digital world


The sessions

There are 5 weekly sessions of 60 minutes on Zoom. You can choose evening sessions which are starting on Tuesday the 2nd of February at 18:00. While the lunchtime sessions are starting on Wednesday the 3rd of February at 13:00.


The price

The total program costs £ 100,- and is prepaid via invoice or a Monzo request, if preferred.


Payment options

There are 3 early bird tickets on each course which are £ 60,- each.

If you pay the whole sum of £100,- in advance, you will receive a free coaching session with me (regular price £ 60,-) at the end, or during the course if you prefer that.

Should you not want to pay all in one go or to just have a taster, you could pay £ 40,-for the first 2 sessions & the rest later if you choose to continue.


Interactive, but not uncomfortable

The sessions are designed to be interactive and you will receive some questions & discussion points in advance. However, your level of participation is purely up to you & your comfort level. Other questions will be asked during the sessions, but if you let me know you prefer not to answer questions like that, I will not ask you directly. There will also be some questions where I will ask everybody in the group to give their answer either anonymously (via a web-site / app) or type it in the chat.


What is the course based on and what experience do you have?

The program is based upon a number of resources & techniques, both experimental and scientific. They are all created to give people a higher level of mental wellbeing and to provide support in changing their behaviour. Some of these I learnt during my nursing training in Norway, public health training at Maastricht University & King´s College London and finally, some from coaching training & group coaching training at Animas. They are all techniques I have used in the past when giving group presentations, supporting people in changing their behavioural and making changes around mental health wellbeing, sexual health & the use of alcohol and/or drugs.


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