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Kristian L, UK expat in Germany

`I highly recommend Klaus to anyone, he is highly personable whilst also being a coach who you can trust. This comes from his is hugely empathetic ways and Klaus has a softness about him which makes the calls/meetings very easy to settle in to. You feel comfortable no matter what the subject and I think anyone would agree that being comfortable in certain personal topics is a hard one to master, and he does that.


On top this he has the following attributes:

Empathy, kind, caring, soft, understanding, knowledgeable, intelligent, thoughtful, authentic, compassionate, charm, honesty, leadership, observant, warmth and an excellent communicator.

Calls are left with a positive smile on your face whilst also reflecting on what you need to do moving forward.´

Matt F, manager England

`I would encourage anyone thinking of trying coaching sessions to absolutely do it and would strongly recommend Klaus Johansen. The development I have experienced personally and professionally has been invaluable. Klaus effortlessly facilitates sessions to allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed. His tone and manner mean you feel able to discuss things with him which you may struggle to with many others in your life.´


`I found the coaching with Klaus to be an excellent tool for reflection and development both personally and professionally. The tailored coaching was a practical tool to look at myself in an honest and pragmatic way.


Klaus is extremely personable and makes you feel at ease straight away. He is thoroughly prepared for sessions. The depth of coaching is at your own pace and Klaus is very skilled and intuitive at working out what level to work at.´ 

Louise G, manager England

Caroline B, manager England

'I felt at ease right from the start. The coaching gave me an opportunity to vent or talk about sometimes-difficult things with a neutral party, and explore things that I might not otherwise have had time or opportunity to.


Klaus was patient and kind and I was given plenty of space and time to think, talk and come to my own conclusions. Balanced with the appropriate amount of guidance this led me to greater insight into my own perceptions and attitudes and to a couple of ´epiphany moments and ideas that I can continue working with beyond the sessions. I would be keen to have further sessions in the future!'

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