Most of my clients find that one hour is the perfect length for their sessions. However some prefer a longer session and and some prefer slightly shorter, for instance if they are planning their coaching in their lunch hour. I offer a range of different settings and prices vary depending on travel time and the expenses connected with each of them. Each of the settings have their advantages, so please click on and read about each offer below. If you are in doubt, just get in touch and we can discuss what suits you and the themes you want to bring to coaching the best.

All sessions are prepaid either in blocks or in monthly invoices and I have a 48 hours cancellation policy. New clients get an 7th bonus session when buying a package of 6 sessions. All clients get 10% of when prepaying 10 sessions. See below for NHS staff discounts. 

  • 1 hour chat about coaching and what I can offer you.

    1 hr

    20 British pounds
  • 1 hour online coaching

    1 hr

    60 British pounds
  • Available from April 2021. A walk in Victoria park while I coach you.

    1 hr

    70 British pounds
  • Not available due to Covid restrictions.